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Standard Toroidal Transformers

We offer the industry's largest selection of standard designed toroidal transformers with dual primaries and dual secondaries.

Custom Toroidal Transformers

Whether you need 1 piece or 20,000, a 20VA transformer or an 18,000VA transformer, let Toroid assist you with your transformer needs.

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High Quality, High Performance Toroidal Power Transformers and Inductors

Engineers in a broad range of industries have discovered the performance advantages of our toroidal power transformers.  Our transformers are used in a variety of industries: medical electronics, test and measurement systems, industrial control panels, data communications, motor controls, light fixtures, audio systems, robotics, UPS, and avionics.

If conventional laminated power transformers aren't performing to your standards, consider our toroidal transformers. With their very low magnetic strayfield emission levels, quiet operation, low weight, small size, high efficiency, and easy assembly, our toroidal power transformers will deliver the superior performance capabilities you require.

We offer the industry's largest selection of standard design  toroidal power transformers for medical and commercial applications. But if these don't exactly fit your needs, then our engineers will design a custom transformer  best suited to your requirements. 

Some Industries We Serve

Medical Equipment

Test & Measurement Systems

Industrial Control Panels

Renewable Power

Data Communications






Audio Amplifiers, Radio and Video Equipment