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Our Team

Management & Engineering Team

Katarina Ennerfelt has spent most of her life around toroidal transformers. With a background in engineering studies and economics, Katarina brings over 30 years of experience to Toroid Corporation. Before coming to Toroid Corporation in 2001, Katarina spent 2 years with our sister company in the Czech Republic. In 2006, Katarina took over as president.

With his background in sales, Michael Porter joined Toroid in 2002 as a Customer Service Representative. In 2004, Michael became the Sales Manager where he spent two years before becoming the Marketing Manager, and later, Toroid Corporation’s General Manager. Today Michael serves as the company’s CFO.

Ming Xu who has a B.Sc from the University of Maryland has been responsible for engineering in Toroid Corporation since 1990. Ming’s design and engineering capabilities are a major reason why Toroid Corporation’s transformers are the superior choice.

Christian Ennerfelt is a part of Toroid’s engineering team. He started in Toroid’s production in 1984 after he moved to the US from Sweden, where he also worked in this industry during his school years. With an engineering degree, he has long been active in both technical sales and engineering.

Sales & Office Team

A graduate from Salisbury University with a degree in Business Management, Chris Brixner joined the Toroid Staff in 2013 as the Sales Manager.  With over 15 years of Sales and Business Management experience, Chris has quickly become an important piece to the continued success of Toroid.                               

Teresa Williams started with Toroid in 2005 and brings with her close to 30 years of manufacturing, production, inventory and sales experience.. After spending a few years as Toroid’s Sales Manager, Teresa spent a few years at Toroid’s sister company, Arcon Welding, as head of their Sales Department. Currently, Teresa is heading up the Purchasing Department here at Toroid.

 Donna Luffman with over 10 years of experience in the customer service field heads up Toroid Corporation’s Customer Service department. Donna spent her first 2 years on Toroid Corporation’s production floor learning the ins and outs of making transformers, and since then has been taking care of Toroid Corporation’s fantastic customers as one of Toroid’s Inside Sales Representatives.
 Terrie Hammond began her tenure with Toroid Corporation in 2013, bringing with her over 30 years of Accounting experience and over 10 years experience of Human Resources knowledge.  Today, Terrie heads up Toroid's HR department while also assisting with office manager duties.

Production & Quality Control Team

Romona Fontaine joined Toroid Corporation in 1995 and has spent nine years as the acting Quality Manager. Romona started on our production floor as a machine operator and worked her way up to supervisor, then Production Manager until finally becoming the Quality Manager in 2000.

Laurie Lucas has been with Toroid Corporation since 1987 and has been our Production Planner since 1997. Laurie started with Toroid while the plant was in Bowie, Md. and moved to Salisbury, Md. with the company in 1991. During her tenure at Toroid, Laurie has been a machine operator, prototype technician, testing operator and a night-shift supervisor. Laurie’s dedication and years of experience make her an integral part to the Toroid team.

Carol Alvaro is currently enjoying her third stint with Toroid Corporation, which began in 2002. Having begun initially with Toroid in 1988, Carol has done everything from running machines, quality inspection and supervising. In 2007, Carol took over as Toroid’s Production Manager and has been a major driving force to Toroid’s continued goal of 100% on-time shipments.

Jay Phillips joined Toroid Corporation in 2007 to head the Maintenance Department. With over 20 years experience in maintenance and as a machinist, Jay’s knowledge and expertise helps keep the machines at Toroid up and running.

 Lydia Moore has been with Toroid since 1996 and has been the Warehouse Supervisor since 2008.

Earlyne Brady has been with Toroid since 1994 and has been the Medium Cell Supervisor since 2006.

Sue Slaughter has been with Toroid since 1990 and has been the Small Cell Supervisor since 2006.

Alice Luffman has been with Toroid since 2000 and has been the IsoBox Supervisor since 2004.

Trevino “Tweedy” Brittingham has been with Toroid since 1991 and been the Supervisor for all the testers since 2008.

 Joe Trower has been with Toroid since 2007. Since his arrival, Joe has worked in Medium Cell, Large Cell and the potting room. Joe currently assists with Human Resources as Toroid’s Employee Liaison and heads up Toroid's Safety Committee. 

Leroy Taylor has been with Toroid Corporation since 2009 and has been the Large Cell Supervisor since 2014.