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Balanced Transformer with Enclosure - 1000VA

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SKU:   BT1000E
Price:   $543.00   
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Enclosed Balanced Power Transformers for Audio Applications
The Balanced Power Transformers are designed with a center-tapped secondary winding which consists of two identical, mirrored secondary windings in series with an electrostatic shield. When the center tap is grounded, these two identical windings short circuit the equal amplitude but opposite phased noise current and greatly attenuate (low to medium frequency) common mode noise. The ground noise amplitude goes to zero, which eliminates audio to be free of noise interference. In addition, our balanced transformers are designed with very low flux density to further reduce the mechanical noise. This series of transformers are perfect for audio recording and production studios.
Power VA 1000
Number of Outlets 6
Length (Inches) 12
Width (Inches) 8.6
Height (Inches) 3.9
Weight (lbs) 27

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