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IsoBox AN120411 - 1200VA

1 - 4 $555.00
5 - 9 $506.00
10 - 24 $377.00
25 - 49 $360.00

SKU:   AN120411
Price:   $555.00   
***Due to the upcoming tariffs being levied on steel/aluminum/materials, etc., there will be an additional charge to your IsoBox order. This charge will be conveyed to you for your approval prior to any credit card being run or paypal money being collected.
All North American/Domestic Models of the IsoBox series Medical Isolation Transformers operate at 60Hz line frequency with 120V input and 120V output. Each IsoBox transformer comes equipped with four rubber feet for floor or tabletop installation. Two brackets are also supplied for wall or chassis mounting. We can design units with more or fewer outlets and also change the cord length per your request.
Hertz 120V/60Hz
Power VA 1200
Current (Amps) 10
Regulation (Voltage Drop) < 3%
Number of Outlets 4
Cord Length (ft) 8
Length (inches) 12
Width (inches) 8.6
Height (Inches) 3.9
Weight (pounds) 23.7
Length (mm) 305
Width (mm) 218
Height (mm) 99
Weight (Kg) 10.8

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