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IsoBox Domestic Isolation: CN Series

CN Series: Manual

North American/Domestic
Medical Hospital Grade
Isolation Medical Transformer

For Safer Use of Medical Electronics in Patient Care Areas

The Medical Grade Isolation Transformers have both low mechanical noise and low EMR (Electro-Magnetic Radiation). We have two standard formats, available in attractive white aluminum cases for floor, wall, chassis and cart installation. Typical applications include installation of computers, video monitors, surveillance cameras, test and measurement instruments, printers, clinics, doctor’s offices, or whenever safe operation of electronics equipment requires low leakage current levels.

This line of enclosed medical transformers offers all the advantages of the toroidal constructions such as low weight, low magnetic strayfield, low mechanical noise, low losses, high efficiency and cool operating temperature. The low height of the toroidal transformer allows the enclosure to have a low profile for easy installation in a modern office environment.

The enclosures are made of sturdy aluminum with a white finish. Other colors are optional. On all the North American/Domestic models, the secondary neutral conductor is grounded. To order models without the secondary neutral bond to ground, please call the factory.

The CN series offers the same specifications as the AN series, but have the power in and outlets at different locations. The unit has standard filtering and surge suppression, and we also offer an optional detachable cord. We can design units with more or fewer outlets and also change the cord length per your request.


Application Note:

The IsoBox Legacy A and C series have the output neutral wire grounded and are still available for purchase direct from the factory. These models limit the Ground Leakage Current when multiple equipment plug into the unit to comply with UL Ground Leakage Current limit. These models also allow plugging in regular UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to operate correctly. The A and C series are not for Chassis Leakage Current limiting. If your application requirement is to limit Chassis Leakage Current, we suggest that you use our new AN or CN series. The AN, CN, W and M series output neutral wire is not grounded. These models can effectively limit both Chassis Leakage Current and Ground Leakage Current.

Data: CN Manual


***Due to the upcoming tariffs being levied on steel/aluminum/materials, etc., there will be an additional charge to your IsoBox order.  This charge will be conveyed to you for your approval prior to any credit card being run or paypal money being collected.

Order TCM
Part No.
(Data Sheet)
(Voltage Drop)
No. of Outlets
(Hospital Grade)
Dimensions Weight Cord
Inches mm Lbs Kg
Price CN030212 300 2.50 <6% 2 9.56x5.9x3.1 243x150x79 9.8 4.4 8(Up to 15)
Price CN060412 600 5.00 <5% 4 10.5x6.5x3.5 267x165x89 14.9 6.8 8(Up to 15)
Price CN090412 900 7.50 <4% 4 11.0x7.5x3.8 279x190x97 21 9.5 8(Up to 15)
Price CN120612 1200 10.0 <3% 6
12.0x8.6x3.9 305x218x99 26.3 11.9 8(Up to 15)
Price CN170812 1700 14.2 <2.5% 8
13.1x9.6x4.4 333x244x112 34.8 15.8 8(Up to 15)
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Domestic Medical Enclosed Transformer - CN Series
  • Input/Output: 120V 60 Hz
  • Safety Agency Approvals: UL Recognized to ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1:2005
  • cUL Recognized to CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60601-1
  • Tested and Passed to 3rd Edition standards
  • Leakage Current: < 100µA
  • Wall, chassis, table-top and cart installations
  • White Aluminum Enclosure
  • Illuminate On/Off Circuit Breakers

Terms and Conditions

  • For larger quantity prices, please contact the factory directly.
  • Prices and data subject to change without prior notice
  • Delivery: Small quantities of standards are normally available from stock
  • 30-Day Return Policy of Undamaged Items - 15% Restocking Fee on Standard Transformers
  • 36 Month Product Warranty
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