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Power Supply Transformers (Rectifier)

Toroid offers a variety of standard design power supply transformers for single primary, dual primary, solid-state, multi-voltage and power supplies. With the industry’s largest selection of rectifier transformers, our customers are usually able to find a standard product to fit their needs. In the event you need different specifications, we can easily modify a standard product or give you a custom design with the same quick turnaround time.

To learn more about rectifier transformers, please visit our Technical Topics section.

UL and CUL Agency Files
UL and CUL have issued the following reference (file) numbers for our construction approvals received for all our standard designs and over 500 custom designs.

Transformers are supplied with metal washers and rubber at no extra charge. Other mounting options are available.

     Safety Standards    
UL 506 (Non-Medical)
CSA C22.2 No. 66
UL 1411  
Agency Reference       
UL-File E-161696
C-UL File E-161696
UL E-98086

Detailed datasheets are available for
all listed part numbers.
Caution - If you choose to apply your own mounting solution, remember that it is important that our transformer be mounted in such a way that the mounting screw and the metal chassis will not form a closed loop through the center and thereby create a shorted turn on the transformer.


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  • For larger quantity prices, please contact the factory directly.
  • Prices and data subject to change without prior notice
  • Delivery: Small quantities of standards are normally available from stock
  • 30-Day Return Policy of Undamaged Items - 15% Restocking Fee on Standard Transformers
  • 36 Month Product Warranty
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