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Why are Toroidal Transformers “Green”?

Less Material

A toroidal transformer weighs about half as much as a conventional transformer with the same capacity and heat rise. The main materials used in transformers are copper and steel, both of which are getting scarcer with cost increases as a consequence. Less copper and steel usage means less mining required, less pollution from steel factories.

Smaller Size

The toroidal transformer fits into a smaller space, which allows chassis plates and enclosures to be smaller with less material used.


All of our transformers are RoHS compliant and no impregnation is needed to keep our toroidal transformers quiet so any potential environmental hazards are avoided.

Low Weight

The lower weight reduces the cost and lessens the environmental impact of freight for raw material coming into our factory, transformers sent from us to you and outgoing freight for finished product from you to the end customer.

High Efficiency

A toroidal transformer designed to run cooler will only be slightly larger than a “conventionally” designed transformer and will increase the overall efficiency of the equipment, lower demand for cooling in the equipment and increase the life span of other components in the equipment.