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Quoting & Ordering

Processing Customer Requests for Quotation

You will be contacted by our design engineer, should there be any questions of how to interpret your requirements.

Our aim is to provide you with the most economical design that will still comply with your electrical and mechanical specifications. Using our proprietary software programs, our design engineersquotation and orders calculate the required electrical data, assisted by highly accurate mathematical formula for your DC data after rectification.

Wire sizes, number of turns, and core sizes are also chosen from a computer generated menu. This menu offers several choices so that we can readily determine the design that will best meet your specific requirements and application.

You would of course need to tell us of any special measurements that you would like to have done that are not a part of our standard test procedures, listed in this document.

You will receive our quotation with a technical schematic outlining all the important data of our proposed design, including electrical and mechanical data as well as test parameters. The schematic gives you the opportunity to review with 100% assurance that your specifications have been correctly interpreted.