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Factors Affecting Cost

Learn About Factors Affecting Toroidal Transformer Size & Cost

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Custom Design

Our experienced design group uses sophisticated software programs to calculate the optimal and yet conservative solution of your transformer or choke requirements. The software programs that have  proven themselves and been refined for 20 years eliminates much of the “human factor” in your design.  Our programs also allow for highly accurate calculations based on your specified DC data out of a power  supply, which make our prototypes meet your specifications the first time around with no time wasted on  trial and error. With over 35 years in the toroidal power business, you can be confident entrusting Toroid  Corporation with your most complex designs. If you are a novice in the magnetics field, we will walk you  through the specification phase, making sure that you get a design that will work for you.

 Contact us now to get started, or provide us your specifications here and one of our experienced designers will get back to you with a prototype design solution!

Primary Configurations

Rectifier Circuits

Termination of Dual Primaries and Secondaries in Series and Parallel

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